Fiesta purified

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Autumn is a time of recollection and cleaning both physical and emotional, For these reasons, we have prepared this festival especially dedicated to you for this moment.
Purifying Our party consists of several services such as cleaning dermo-capillary oxygenate, washing the capillary activate blood and lymphatic system, aromatherapy balm to moisturize your hair and awakening your senses and a head massage relax.
You can also taste our elixir Detoxifying and enjoy a relaxing music for your total harmony.
We present an novelty the Box Burning negative energies” where you can clean and remove those heavy psychological burdens.
The regular price of service are € 35 but this time he can enjoy, for only 15€ Investment.You can also give it away.
If you want to dedicate some time to yourself do not hesitate and contact us,
too guarantee experience you will love.